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Company seeks young university students in the RM

Young people between 19 and 30 years old: 48% carry out tasks through apps to generate money while studying

  • Of the options available to generate income as an independent, the favorite task of young people is picking, with 72%; that is, buy and assemble supermarket orders, without having to make the delivery.

April 2022.- The CPI (Consumer Price Index) marked an increase of 1.9% at the end of March, demonstrating the increase in the cost of living. The National Institute of Statistics (INE) mentions that one of the main divisions that show the increase in prices falls on education (6.6%).

For this reason, many young people seek to carry out activities that allow them to generate extra income, either to pay for their studies, save or with the aim of traveling with friends, partner or family; however, they have little free time, therefore, they choose flexible options that allow them to manage their schedule freely.

In this sense, TiTask, a web platform that hosts certified and on-demand teams, carried out a study in which more than 1,000 people participated throughout the country, which revealed that 48% of young people between the ages of 19 and 30 perform tasks at through an app to generate money while studying, followed by “generate income while I am unemployed”, with 26%; then for being full-time independent, with 15%; and in last position is supplementing income while employed.

In this regard, Francisco Cabezas, TiTask’s Director of Latam Operations, points out that the flexible economy played and continues to play a key role in reactivating the country’s growth, since it expanded the alternatives for university students, in addition to allowing pandemic, those who lost their jobs could continue to generate income.

“At TiTask we offer different alternatives, both for students and for the general public. One of them is to carry out the task of picking, which turned out to be the favorite of young people, with 72%, that is, buying and assembling supermarket orders, without having to do the delivery route. We also have the option of driver or dealer, who occupies the second position, with 15%; by warehouse operator, with 14.2% and by shopper, with 13.8%, who is the one who buys and takes the purchase to the home of the final customer”, he maintains.

Also, to capture more interest in this flexible model, TiTask offers biweekly and even weekly payments on some of its accounts. Likewise, “we associate with partners that allow our taskers to access banking, loans and life insurance, as well as health insurance,” he says.

In general, the process begins when the interested parties register on the platform and become certified in the task of interest. After that, they can take turns through the web and view the details of their payments. If you are interested, sign up here:

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