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First remote sensors in Latin America, innovation to boost sales through technology

  • The pandemic forced to reduce the capacity and to rethink the way in which it is sold and bought. Grupo Touch, a company with 17 years of experience in retail and sales management, decided, through its company Touch Jobs, to develop innovative alternatives to boost the demand for products from the point of sale.

Almost a year ago the experience of going to the supermarket changed completely, as well as consumer habits. With limited capacity, strict security measures and quarantines involved, the classic product tests or tastings, carried out by recruiters, who were kindly in charge of encouraging and informing customers about certain products, were left in the background.

With this in mind, Grupo Touch -a company focused on retail and sales management, through technology and human resources, part of the Latin American conglomerate, Grupo Ohla-, through its company Touch Jobs and with the help of PX Group, transformed the way to deliver a unique shopping experience, hand in hand with remote collectors.

To do this, they designed a technology that would allow customers to receive accurate information about what they need, through their traditional sensors, but this time, from a digital level. Thus giving rise to the ‘telecaptors’.

These remote sensors are something unique in the region and function as totems with a touch screen made with copper nanoparticles that eliminate viruses and bacteria, so that people can touch it without fear of catching COVID-19. In addition, behind the screen there is a Touch sensor, ready to deliver information about the product (such as prices) and provide the corresponding advice, so that customers can make their purchase decision and have a good experience in this regard.

“We wanted to go further and reconnect with consumers who go to supermarkets. Due to the pandemic, we had to reinvent ourselves to continue operating and continue bringing brands closer to people”, explains Francisco Cabezas, Business Manager of Touch Jobs Chile and, he adds, “we believe that our remote sensors achieve that closeness, but safely, helping the consumer/client to solve their doubts and to maintain that warmth that characterizes us as a company”.

Cabezas explains that this totem (and all the technology it implies) remains operational for as long as it requires activation with a product. As long as there are no customers, promotional videos of it can be transmitted, however once the integrated motion sensor detects a person nearby, the experience with the remote sensor begins. All this with the aim of giving constant and powerful support in sales, especially in light of the current situation.

Touch implemented this innovative technology as a pilot -between December and January-, for the launch of its client Unilever’s Omo Diluible detergent, in the Jumbo store in La Dehesa. “Although this type of technology is already being used in other sectors, such as Banking or Self-Services, we wanted to give it the Touch touch, by mixing technology with the energy of people, closeness in attention, thus affirming our commitment to humanize teleservice adapted for the Retail sector, which has been hit hard by the pandemic”, explains Francisco Cabezas.

For her part, Carmen Sepúlveda, BTL Business Director of the Touch group, comments that the pilot was well received by customers. In 20 days of activation, they managed to have more than 525 interactions with the public, with 15% purchase intention and an average of 17.5 people a day who approached the totem to find out information about the detergent.

“Today, always with the aim of continuing to deliver the best shopping experiences that bring brands and consumers closer together, taking into account that the behavior of the latter has changed; We are working to be able to replicate this innovative solution, not only in retail, but in commerce in general. We believe that it is the right direction in these complex times that we are experiencing”, concludes the Business Manager of Touch Jobs Chile.

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